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Survey Results & Future Plans


I wanted to go ahead and share the results of the content survey from a few weeks ago. This way, everyone can know what type of posts may be more frequent over the next months (plus, I like data). Thank you to everyone who completed the survey and I am excited to see where Crossroad Health goes from here.

I’m not going to share the results for every category, just the top 3-5.

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Favorite Posts:

  • Recipes 30%
  • Label Reading/Ingredient Watch 25%
  • General Household or Kitchen Tips 20%
  • Goal Setting/Inspiration 15%
  • Workout Ideas/Tips 10%

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Recipe Preferences:

  • Healthy Recipes 26.1%
  • Family-friendly/simple recipes 21.7%
  • Paleo Style Recipes 13% (tie)
  • Traditional/DIY recipes (fermentation, yogurt making, sourdough, etc.) 13% (tie)

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Areas of wellness that need the most improvement in your life:

  • Physical activity 25%
  • Nutritious eating 15% (tie)
  • Weight loss 15% (tie)
  • Disease prevention 15% (tie)
  • Friends and family support 10%

The last question asked if anyone was interested in one on one coaching. I received some positive feedback from those of you interested in participating in the future. One of my complaints about the current public health model is that there is not enough emphasis on prevention. We have weight loss centers, diabetes centers, etc. (all for profit), but we’re not really there yet when it comes to affordable preventative resources. There is so much information out there. I hear people ask questions like: Which diet is best? What if I have a family to feed? What if my job keeps me too busy? What if I don’t have time to exercise? What if I am out of shape and feel self-conscious about going to the gym? Well, that is the advantage of having one on one help. I am excited to announce that over the next few months I’ll be rolling out private health coaching. The best part about it? I can help you with any area you choose. Maybe you only need a little help in one area or maybe you are interested in lots of help in all areas- either way works for me. I also have the flexibility to work with you in person (if you’re in my area), on the phone, over email, or over skype/facetime. I will basically tailor a program just for you.

I have a Master’s Degree and a certification (Certified Health Education Specialist or CHES) to provide these services to individuals and the community. A certified health educator focuses on seven areas (more information here):

  • Assessing health needs for individuals or communities
  • Planning health programs that are effective
  • Implementing health programs
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of health programs
  • Coordinating health education services
  • Acting as a resource for health
  • Communicating health and health education needs, concerns, and resources

What does this all mean? It means that I am not just some random person on the internet offering to provide you a service for your hard earned money. I’ve seen some shady qualifications out there, but you don’t have to worry about that with a Certified Health Education Specialist.

Well, I hope this provided a little more information about the future direction of Crossroad Health. I’ll try to use your feedback to create interesting and informative posts. Be on the lookout over the next few months for the rollout of the one on one coaching. Seeing as we’re moving in less than a month, it will be a slow roll out, but I will happily start a waiting list if you’re interested in getting started as soon as possible. Contact me at crossroadhealth (at) gmail (dot) com if you have any questions or are interested in being one of my first clients.

Get moving and have a great weekend!

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