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Sun Basket Meal Kit Delivery


I mentioned in my last post that we would be trying out different meal kit delivery subscriptions and reviewing them. With things so busy with a baby, we ended up using this company longer than I had anticipated. One quick note: most reviews out there are sponsored by the companies or the companies at least sent the reviewer something for free to test. That is not the case here. I did my own research and we paid for these on our own. My review is based solely on my family’s opinions.

Sun Basket is a relatively new meal kit delivery company. They’re located in our area (Bay Area), and they don’t deliver to all states. Their focus is on fresh and local ingredients. Similar to others, you pay a flat rate for each meal, but you’re able to customize each week for the type of meal you want: paleo, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, etc. I picked this one first because of the quantity of vegetables and the type of food we usually eat- mostly plants and some meat (“paleo” according to Sun Basket). If you’re interested, they do offer one breakfast choice a week that you can pick as one of your three meals.

Here are a few of the meals we chose:

(Please excuse the terrible picture quality- we were usually rushing to try to get these on the table before the baby’s bedtime.)

Chicken with rosemary roasted beets and oranges, swiss chard, and parsley pesto (excellent).

Sole in parchment with spinach and warm date and apricot salad (excellent- one of my favorites).

Spicy shrimp tacos diablo with pickled cabbage and lime (just okay).

Pan-seared salmon with fennel, capers, and olives (excellent).


  • Lots of variety.
  • New and unique recipes and ingredients.
  • Lots of 20 minute meals. No meals over 45 minutes (that we ever saw).
  • Lots of vegetables.
  • Dietary preferences.
  • Local (for us).
  • Quality ingredients and sustainable fish.
  • (mostly) delicious.
  • Great side-dish recipes.


  • Delivered a day late one week (hard when you’re meal planning around it).
  • On the upper end of the meal kit price range (still cheaper than going out to eat in the area).
  • A few quality issues with produce (you can call the company for a reimbursement).
  • No “use by” or “packed on” dates on the meat (except seafood).
  • Lots of packaging waste (granted, you can recycle everything or just pack the ice packs and packaging materials back into the box and print a label and ups will pick it up to return to the company for free.)

Overall, we really liked using Sun Basket for a few weeks. Some weeks didn’t really have much that sounded good to us, even with 11 choices per week (you can always skip). For us, the cost wasn’t worth it long-term, but it was certainly helpful for a month or two. We have a few recipes, especially the roasted orange-beet salad above that we want to make over and over again.

We’re going to try planning ahead and using the slow cooker often for the next few weeks before we try another meal kit service. Have you tried a meal kit service? Which ones would you recommend?


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