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I may have mentioned it last week, but on Tuesday the 9th I completed my Whole30. I wanted to reflect a bit before sharing a few updates. The pros of the experience are that I have no sugar cravings and (still) enjoy eating real food. The cons of the experience may also have to do with other factors (such as changing my thyroid medicine about 2 or 3 weeks ago), but I have less energy, my skin is so dry, and I don’t feel or look any healthier.

Now, the pros listed above are enough for me and I am not worried so much about the cons. I will say, with the decreased energy I am certainly rethinking my current plans and really experimenting to see how I feel best. I haven’t been able to complete one of the Kayla Itsines workouts in well over a week, so I think for now those will have to go. Of course, as I mentioned, it could totally be by thyroid medicine change, but I’ll have to wait about a month until I go back for my next blood test to see what is going on there. Regardless of the cause, my body is telling me the high intensity workouts are not an option right now. They’ve been replaced with lots of walking and yoga. For now, that is enough. I hope to add back in some of the weight bearing exercises (such as squats) and interval jogs/walks, but those are simply not possible right now. I am disappointed to have to “quit” part of my resolution this year, but I’ve decided that instead of quitting I am simply redirecting into another, more doable, form of physical activity. I’ll report back, but I did want to explain why Workout Wednesdays will suddenly look very different.

On the food front, we will still be focusing on whole foods and little to no sugar and alcohol. Aside from that, you may notice some big changes. Dominik isn’t eating meat during Lent. Now, I don’t function well without any meat, so I’ll be eating fish. I’ll see how I feel, but I’ll probably have one serving of fish a day. Naturally, this will change the recipes I share quite a bit, but I’ve always said the mission of this website is to try different things related to health, so I’ll be trying a new approach for the next few weeks.

I know this was a longer post, but I hope that explains a little about where I’m coming from and where we’ll be heading in the next few weeks. If you’re struggling with any health issues, I hope you can experiment and listen to your body to find a solution. My keyword for this phase is “resilience”, so I wish you all the best health possible.

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