Sorry for the lack of posting over the last month and a half. We ended up moving across the country, so I haven’t had much time for posting. Things should be getting back to normal now so you can start checking back more frequently for posts.

We move frequently, but this was one of the more difficult moves we’ve made. First of all, we had to do everything ourselves (Uhaul, etc.). When we’ve moved across oceans it was required that professional movers pack and load everything so this was a whole new challenge. Second, we have more stuff. Moving straight out of college or when you’re a single young professional doesn’t seem to be as consuming as moving after you’ve been married for a few years. Third, as it hasn’t been explicitly mentioned on this site, this is the first time I’ve ever had to move while pregnant. Being physically unable to do certain things has certainly been a challenge for me.

There are so many posts ready to write: a few moving posts, a few more stress posts, and some pregnancy or family posts. I will ease back into this over the next few weeks as we get settled.

I always talk about the importance of maintaining a routine and doing your best to make healthy choices. Some of those things go out the window when moving. Sure, loading and unloading boxes is a great strength training workout if you can do it, but I had to find sneaky ways to be active over the last few weeks. Most of all, I’ve just tried to walk frequently. We went for walks as often as possible, even walking to dinner one night from our hotel in New Mexico on the drive here. After sitting in a car all day, it was a welcome activity. I also just did the best I could while eating out. Of course, if you’re in the middle of nowhere, your choices may be limited, but I just tried avoiding greasy and fried foods and found it fairly easy most of the time. Sure, I wasn’t eating as many fruits and vegetables as normal, but I’ve returned to my normal habits as we’ve settled in California.

Our house is just a short walk from a Sunday morning Farmers’ Market, so we’ve been heading there weekly to pick out excellent produce.


I’ve snuck in a few sessions with my favorite workout DVD, something that requires only light hand weights and a chair. I purchased several prenatal workout DVDs, but a (non-prenatal) Lotte Berk Method DVD is the one I seem to keep coming back to. My arms and legs feel strong and lean and it keeps my lower back from hurting. I skip the ab exercises (planks), but am able to do everything else. This is actually my second copy of this DVD in about 10 years because I always seem to come back to it. It is outdated and maybe even a little bit hokey, but it works.

Our area is such a great place for health. Although you do have to drive most places, there are great places to hike or walk, excellent parks, and numerous restaurants serving healthy food. I look forward to sharing more as we settle in.


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