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I recently read about a book, called How to Hygge: The Secrets of Nordic Living, and decided to purchase it. The definition of hygge, found above and pronounced (hoo-ga), sounded interesting so I thought I would read more about it. Since it arrived, I have been extremely impressed with both the book and the concept. I will share more about this in the future, but I have to say that the concept of hygge and the ideas presented in the book summarize everything I believe about health. Some of the concepts she explores in the book have to do with being active, especially in nature, enjoying life, creating clean and happy living spaces, and enjoying wholesome food without dieting. If you have $12.64 (or $9.99 and a Kindle) I highly recommend you check it out. It does have some tasty recipes, so if you’re like me you might want to get the hardback rather than the kindle edition.

(The US Version looks a bit more colorful than this one.)

I hope everyone is having a cozy and happy new year! With an eleven week old baby who doesn’t like to nap unless touching a warm body it has been a bit difficult to find time to post but I am doing my best.

Over the next few weeks (and months) we’ll also be testing out a few of those meal kit delivery services and reviewing them based on their cost effectiveness, health, and taste. When you have a new baby you do what you can to prepare healthy and quick meals!


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