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I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know many of you probably watched the Super Bowl. We actually didn’t watch it because 1) we don’t have a TV and 2) we aren’t really interested in professional football. We had a nice day at home, complete with a long walk around our neighborhood.

We may not have watched the game, but we are certainly fans of game food. This type of food is also great for a movie night or any other get together. Last week I mentioned that we had a movie night last weekend (The Hobbit, part 2), so we prepared finger foods. Any of the items we made last week would have also been great yesterday for the game. We made sausage-stuffed mushroom caps and we had olives and plantain chips with guacamole. We planned to have bacon wrapped dates but the store was out of dates so we had bacon wrapped prunes instead.

This weekend we had another movie night (The Hobbit, part 3), so we decided to make that our venue for Super Bowl snacks. I really wanted to have hot wings, but I cannot find this buffalo sauce in any of our local stores that carry this brand. All other store-bought wing sauces I have seen have questionable ingredients. Sure, you could make your own with plain hot sauce and butter, but that is out for Whole30. You can order the Tessemae’s Hot Buffalo Sauce from their website, but I just didn’t think enough ahead to do that. We ended up having what you see in the photo above. I should clearly point out that half of that is for Dominik, who is just mostly Whole30. He enjoys eating the Whole30 way with me, but not all the time. In the photo you’ll see Dominik’s cheese plate (Pecorino, Humbolt Fog, and Camembert), a truffle salami (also for Dominik since it had sugar), my favorite almond milk cheese (Kite Hill Truffle & Dill cheese), olives, prosciutto, and cucumbers with smoked salmon. I enjoyed mine with sparkling water with lemon.

Did you watch the game? What were your favorite foods from the event?

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