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Fruit Juice Gelatin


The Thanksgiving holidays were just over, but you may already be looking for some family projects or snacks for the Christmas/New Year’s holidays. So many things seem to be full of sugar, but this one is a nice compromise. We like this any time of year and it is so versatile.

Gelatin is great for your skin, joints, and digestive system, but is often overlooked. When most of us think of gelatin, we picture artificially colored and sweetened treats from a box or plastic container. The funny thing is, it is just as easy to make gelatin treats using the exact ingredients your family likes or what you have on hand.

All you need is some powdered gelatin. I have been most pleased with this brand:


For around $12 (at least on Amazon), you get a one pound bag that can last you quite a while, even if you make a batch of gelatin once a week.

The only other thing you need is liquid. 100% fruit juice is a great option, but you can get creative here and use things like smoothies, chocolate milk, or even kombucha. I would steer clear of citrus fruits/juices because they can cause problems with the gelling process, but some people have been able to use small amounts with no problems. You can also toss in fresh or pureed fruit for a little texture.

Here is the basic recipe:

Fruit Juice Gelatin


  • 4 cups fruit juice or other liquid (I used a berry juice blend)
  • 4 Tablespoons powdered gelatin (double check the proportions on your package, but this has always been the amount I’ve used. Less = a looser gel, more = a firmer gel.
  • Whole, chopped, or pureed fruit (optional)


  • Remove one cup of juice and set aside. Heat the remaining three cups of juice in a pan until warm.


  • While the juice is warming, combine the gelatin powder and the  one cup of room temperature or cool juice and stir well. It may look like this:


  • Pour (or scoop) the gelatin-juice mix into the pot and stir well until combined and smooth. Add in the fruit puree if you’re using it.
  • I like to pour my gelatin into a glass dish greased with a thin layer of coconut oil (refined so you can’t taste it) so it doesn’t stick. You can drop in the whole fruit now if you’re using it.
  • You could also pour it into molds or fun dishes (I’ve heard these lego molds are quite a bit of fun.)
  • Refrigerate for at least 3 hours.


There are so many ways you can play around with this recipe. You could even make “adult” versions with margarita mix or champagne. Just remember you’ll want to use the alcohol as part of the non-heated gelatin mix rather than the heated part on the stove. I’m sure there are lots of recipes out there if you’re interested.

Feel free to comment with any excellent combinations you come up with!

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