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Easy German Dish


Perhaps a terrible name for a recipe, but I’m not sure that I have something better. It can be thrown together in 5 minutes and abandoned in the oven for 30. All of the ingredients can be kept in the pantry or fridge for weeks and it is a comforting family meal. I used it this week while sick when I just couldn’t find the energy to fix anything else.


  • 1 package instant mashed potatoes (Kartoffelpüree) or leftover mashed potatoes
  • 1 package or large jar sauerkraut (you don’t want the nice probiotic kind like Bubbies for this one- canned or Claussen if you’re in the US). I used one with just cabbage and salt, but it had been quickly heated so all the bacteria was killed off already.
  • Sausages. Mini bratwurst would be ideal. Large bratwurst or some kind of small sausage would also work.
  • Honey mustard or regular mustard for serving.


  • Prepare the potatoes according to the directions. Actually, I just dump them in a large bowl, add a pinch of salt, pour hot water from the kettle in and whisk like crazy until they look good. Add butter for flavor. Layer this in an oven safe dish (bottom layer).
  • Spread the sauerkraut on top of the potatoes.
  • Place the sausages on top.
  • Bake at 350 F (180 C) for 30 minutes. If you used large sausages you may need to adjust the temp to make sure they get completely done.

The pictures may look sad, but the dish itself is quite tasty!

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