Welcome! I’m Lindsey Kalisch, the creator of Crossroad Health.

My Background: I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. I’ve always had an interest in health, but after living in Texas, Illinois, Germany, Hawaii, and California, I became more interested in the differences in lifestyles and behaviors that contribute to health. I’ve been diagnosed with several conditions which have affected my health (more on that later), so I’ve learned to never settle for feeling “average”. In 2015 I completed my Master of Science degree in Health Education and I am also a Certified Health Education Specialist. My husband and I have moved around quite a bit for his job as a (visiting) professor and we recently moved with our son (born in November of 2016) to Germany.

Why Crossroad Health: I believe every new day presents us with small decisions, or crossroads, where we take steps to either become more healthy or less healthy. There is so much health information out there and it seems like most people can get really overwhelmed trying to figure out what they should be doing. This site is here to sort through all the information and to provide realistic tips to achieve optimal health. Health isn’t just physical, so this site will provide tips on all areas of health and wellness.

What this site is: This is a place for everyone, especially those just starting out or looking for more realistic changes they can make. I will examine many perspectives. I do not believe one set of “rules” works for everyone, so you might see a vegan recipe followed by a paleo recipe. I will also try to back up everything with medical/health research, when possible. I have lived in some fairly diverse locations and not all have had access to unlimited food resources, so I do try to make sure my recipes use ingredients that can be found in most grocery stores. I will try to make sure everything is accessible for busy people and families. Once our son was born, I realized quickly that time is a valuable resource and it is even harder to find the time to prepare healthy meals.

What this site is not: You will not find health dogma here. If you are looking for strict fitness or diet programs there are plenty out there, but not here. Certain people and conditions require strict protocols, but I don’t feel like I have anything to contribute to those that currently exist. My advice should not take the place of medical advice from your doctor. I am not a doctor. Always talk to your doctor before beginning any type of fitness or health program.