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Sometime in December I realized I wanted to do something a bit different for 2019. Instead of setting specific goals, I decided to pick a word for the year. Strangely enough, a word just came to me and it seemed like the perfect fit.


Here are a few dictionary definitions of the word:

  1. to sustain with food or nutriment; supply with what is necessary for life, health, and
  2. to cherish, foster, keep alive, etc.
  3. to strengthen, build up, or promote:

Obviously, many people think of food as nourishment. I hope the food we choose to eat on a daily basis is actually nourishing- it is something I am always working toward.

In addition to food nourishment, we also need nourishment in other areas: physical body (movement/exercise), spiritual life, interpersonal relationships (family/friends), and emotional and mental health.

I’m not going to elaborate more on these ideas right now. I do hope that you’ll join me in 2019 in trying to nourish ourselves for optimal health.

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