2017 Goals Progress


Seeing as a quarter of 2017 has already passed, I thought I would check in on my progress on this year’s goals. If you missed that post you can find it here.

I listed the following three goals for 2017:

Goal 1: Be active every day. This isn’t a super specific goal, but with a new baby who will usually only sleep while attached to my body it is hard to find even 15 minutes to be active. I plan to use every 10 minute block of time I can find to do yoga and we’ll be going on lots of walks when the weather is decent.

Goal 2: Listen to my body. (Also a fairly vague goal.) Right now I can tell that high intensity workouts would be too much for my postpartum and hypothyroid body. I’ll be focusing on yoga and walks in the beginning and increasing as my body can handle it.

Goal 3: Nourish my body. (It appears I have 3 vague goals this year.) Eat real food. Focus on plenty of vegetables. Eat more fish and stay hydrated.

Let’s examine each one of these:

Goal 1: I certainly haven’t been able to be active every single day, but I have probably done a better job of this than at any point in an extremely long time. We go to Mama and Baby Yoga twice a week and have gone on long walks on most days that it hasn’t been rainy. Sometimes this has been hard as I am only able to do activities that can be done with a baby attached or near (see today’s post image).

Goal 2: Apparently I really took this goal seriously! I have done mostly yoga and walking and have felt great. I started doing a bit too much there for a week or two and I certainly didn’t feel great and I ran into some issues. Walking has been great for the fresh air while yoga has been perfect for the aches and pains of carrying and feeding a growing baby.

Goal 3: I think this has gone okay. I’ve eaten plenty of vegetables, more fish, and lots of real food, but it is certainly hard to plan and cook with a high-demand baby. Freezer meals have been a lifesaver! If you missed that series, visit this post for lots of tasty freezer meal recipes.

On a somewhat related note, every woman wants to lose their baby weight. I didn’t really put any pressure on this and just weighed in every two weeks or so just to see how it was going. By four months all the weight was off without any extra effort besides being active, eating real food, and breastfeeding. I’m a firm believer in listening to your body and showing yourself some compassion. Granted, I gained a healthy 30 lbs during pregnancy on my 5’8″ frame and I didn’t use pregnancy or postpartum as a time to eat anything and everything in sight.

Overall, I just want to check in a few times a year on my goals to see how they’re going. If you haven’t done the best job sticking to your goals, use this time to reevaluate and recommit.

Nourish your body and get moving!

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